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Aqua Terra Vapor Blasting

Contact: Andy Mathieson
Work 14 Ridge Road Saint George ME 04860 Cell Phone: 2075427092Website: Aqua Terra blasting


Photo of Aqua Terra Vapor Blasting

I was initially introduced to Vapor Blasting while working in the Maritime Industry about 10 years ago, at the time Graco was developing the technology in order to improve PEL ( personnel exposure limits ) in the shipyard environment. OSHA became involved when yard workers were becoming sick as a result of silicosis, from dry blasting abrasives like “Black Beauty” preferred due to low cost and effectiveness on steel. Vapor Blasting utilities water in the form of a vapor along with abrasives/media to strip and remove rust, paint, or any surface coating from virtually any material.

Vapor Blasting reduces the amount of airborne particulate matter by %92 in comparison to dry sand blasting, in addition the majority of abrasives we use are recycled or re purposed materials such as crushed bottle glass, glass bead, garnet, plastic bead, walnut shell. The wide range of media types available today provide a wide range of uses for the process, from very delicate to aggressive. The nature of the equipment allows the operator to adjust the volume of media, amount of water and the working air pressure in order to achieve the desired final finish and texture.

I’ve attached a link below for more specifics from the manufacturer.

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14 Ridge Road Saint George ME 04860